CVP-13 FPGA Cryptocurrency Mining Card

Model: CVP-13
$4,660.00 Original price was: $4,660.00.$3,999.00Current price is: $3,999.00.


FPGA Cryptocurrency Mining Board

Replace an entire GPU rig with a single liquid-cooled unit!


Easy to Use

  • Runs under Windows 10 for Zetheron algos (X16R, Nexus, 0xToken, and more) or Linux
  • Uses off-the-shelf liquid cooling—you provide the loop and hook up to CVP-13’s supplied water block
  • Compatible with PCIe risers; with Zetheron algos USB+Power is all that’s needed (no PCIe at all!)
  • Active FPGA Discord community; walkthrough videos/guides for setup

Why CVP-13 for Cryptocurrency Mining?


Incredible hash performance packs the power of many GPUs into a single board!


Many algos/coins available to adapt to changing market conditions.


The VU13P FPGA is a solid price/performance leader and will continue to be for the future.

Available and Upcoming Coins/Algos

Here’s where to find what can you mine with the CVP-13!

Released Bitstreams