How to access E300 WebUI?

Step 1: Obtain your E300’s IP address by logging into your network router and reviewing the DHCP leases for a device named ARM or installing an IP scanner tool at: (


Step 2: Once you have the E300’s IP address, open a web browser ( Chrome or Firefox are reommended) and insert this link in the address bar: http://E300_ip_address/ , login window pop up will show up. Use the following credentials to log in:

User name: root

Password: password

How to mine Kaspa?

Step 1: Set vccINT to 635mv (please refer to 3 for how to change vccINT)

Step 2: Goto “Miner” webpage

Step 3: Fill in your mining pool, kaspa wallet, workerID, coreclock…

Step 4: Running miner by click the “start” button


Note: raising FPGA core clock help to increase hashrate, and need a higher vccInt value (please refer to 3 for how to change vccINT)


How to set vccint voltage. (it may show “Unrecognized comm data, skipping” issue if vccint too high when mine kaspa

Step 1: Stop mining tool (from “Miner” webpage)

Step 2: Tweak vccInt value

Please refer to the below table:

How to solve the high error issue?

The high error issue is relating to voltage. To solve it, we just need to increase several mV vccInt

Assume that your FPGA0 get high error rate issue.


Solve by increasing vccInt of FPGA0




Is there any way to monitor streaming log without login?

Yes, You monitor the streaming log by access.




What is the normal temperature while mining Kaspa?

The normal chip temperature ranges from 50°C ~ 60 °C in the winter, and 60°C ~ 70°C in the summer.

How often should you clean the E300 miners?

It is recommended that Ospreyers should clean hashing boards to remove dust and external objects every three (03) months. This task is not time-consuming and helps your boards work more reliable and long-lasting.

Is there any hard reset button on E300 miner?

Yes, the E300 miner supported two (02) reset button.


S2 button: Hold the S2 button for over 5 seconds to reset factory network configurations


S3 button: Hold the S3 button for over 5 seconds to reset factory FPGA (hashing boards) configurations

How to troubleshoot the continuous rebooting issue?

Step 1: ssh into E300 box ; user name: ubuntu ; password: temppwd

Step 2: Run two command lines below

sudo systemctl stop dhcp_reset

sudo systemctl disable dhcp_reset


My Auto Update Firmware was enabled, but my E300/E100 is still not updating. What should I try to do to update?

It might be a network issue. You can make manual update by


Step1: Login webgui and goto “update firmware” webpage to disable OTA update


Step 2: download firmware ( DON’T NEED TO UNTAR)


Step3: goto “update firmware” webpage and make manual update

Step4: waiting about 5 minutes, and check firmware version again to.make sure loaded firmware successfully

Version: N1.0.18

step5: clear web-browser cookies

How can I reset my web password for E300?

  • To reset the factory (including login password), please push the “Reload” button over 5 second