Our Mission, About DecryptionMiners

Start Crypto Mining Maximize your Profit and gain Financial Freedom

Unlock the Power of Cryptocurrency! We offer the most efficient miners available on the market including miners from Bitmain, Goldshell, Jasminer and more. Choose your favourite Coin and Brand and start mining from today.

What we want?

We want you to invest in the miner that is most suitable for your needs and how you can make a profitable business out of it.

Our Team

Our team serve customers with great knowledge and experience of crypto,and share the advanced market insights to help customer make a good choice for asic miner

How our customer see Us

My Trustworthy Asic Miner Hardware and Accessories Supplier | Good Price丨Fast Shipping丨Superior Service

Since its establishment, Decryption Venture Capital has been adhering to customer-oriented, honest service and win-win cooperation, which makes us obtain a group of customers who have been supporting us for a long time. We always believe in win-win cooperation.

DecryptionMiners.com supplies a variety of ASIC MINER/ GPU bitcoin and cryptocurrency miners, mining equipment, and relevant parts like graphics cards and SSD, etc. We are  sale partners of MircroBT and Bitmain, which is making us industry leaders in cryptocurrency mining solutions in Europe and the United States.

Cryptocurrency Mining and investing into a profitable miner has become a trend, but where should you start? Understanding the crypto market and investing into the right mining hardware can be challenging, but not impossible. The value of asic miners can change daily and so can the value of crypto currency. We provide you with crypto news and tips to build your own mining farm, choose the best mining pool and invest into the most efficient mining hardware for your situation.

We are in the the crypto mining business now for several years. We have a very good relationship with our suppliers in China and we make sure that that you receive your product in the most efficient way. Next to that we are here to make sure that you invest into the right miner for your specific situation and give you our personal opinion to make the right investment.

Our Vision, About Decryption Venture Capital Management

Who we are,how we run our business ?

Constantin Catalin Dascalu , born 11 May 1988 is the CEO and Chairman Of The Board at Decryption Venture Capital (www.DecryptionMiners.com)  and The Luxury Network Ltd.As of 2021, He also serves as the chairperson of CCD Holdings and ECO Light Cities

We won great praise from customers with years experience in the Cryptocurrency Mining Market,that’s why we create DecryptionMiners e-Store.

We pay great attention to service and our own reputation, we believe that only honest and trustworthy enterprises can go further.

We cooperate with Bitmain, MircroBT, Canaan, Goldshell, Innosilicon, Jasminer and iBelink etc,which make us maintain the most competitive price for customers,also with safe and economical shipping line.

Strategic cooperation with major mining machinery manufacturers

We partnered with Bitmain and MicroBT, State of the art crypto mining hardware for everyone around the world. If you are new to mining, we want to help you open the door to crypto-mining.

First-class sales, maintenance, inspection team, and logistics team

DecryptionMiners.com has a strong sales, maintenance, inspection team, and logistics team. The team has a close relationship, efficiency and efficiency, and can effectively cooperate with customers to solve any problems of customers.

Strict quality inspection and good after-sales service

We provide ONLY NEW ENCRYPTION MINERS and Hardware Parts . The new ASIC miner has strict inspections from the original factory. We will pass strict quality inspection before the second-hand refurbished miners are sent out, and we will only send them out after confirming their normal operation.

We support fast and secure global logistics services

With many years of experience in foreign trade, we have successfully shipped miners to customers all over the world in cooperation with reputable and fast-delivery freight forwarders.

First-hand new

DecryptionMiners cooperated directly with all famous mining hardware manufacturers

Fast delivery

After full payment, normally 3 to 5 business days for shipment .

Professional team

At DecryptionMiners you will find, fast response and support all types of miner solution.